Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner
Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Perhaps you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house for the first time or you want to be better prepared than previous years. Whatever your reasons, you need help with planning Thanksgiving dinner. Here is a simple timeline and tips to help keep Thanksgiving delicious and as stress-free as possible.

If you haven’t already, the first thing you need to do is finalize your guest list. If your cousins are still unsure if they’re coming to your house, give them one more day to make a final decision. Once you know how many guests you will have, you can begin to plan the menu. Most families share the cooking duties, so ask your friends and relatives what they would like to bring or delegate a recipe to them.

Once you know what you’re going to cook, make sure you have all the necessary kitchen tools. Do you have a platter large enough to hold the turkey? Do you even have a roasting pan to cook the turkey in? Get everything you need a couple of weeks early (that’s now) so you’re not in a rush right before you need to cook.

You also need to write down your shopping list. Look through your cupboards and create a list of things you need. Don’t forget to plan dishes based on how many people are coming. Will you need to double or even triple a recipe? Make sure you have enough of the necessary ingredients.

As for the turkey, the highlight of many Thanksgiving dinners, plan for two pounds per adult and one pound per child. This should give you plenty of meat for dinner and leave enough leftovers to share. If you’re buying a frozen turkey, purchase this sometime the week before, just make sure you start thawing it about three days early.

Many Thanksgiving dishes can be prepped and cooked earlier and stored in the freezer, for example, rolls and pie crust. Do these as early as you can to save you time on turkey day. Bake pies the day before.

For even more Thanksgiving tips, check out this great timeline from The Food Network. Here at Wantagh Mazda, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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