Making Your New Year’s Driving Resolutions

Did you start the New Year with a blank sheet of paper and pencil in hand? Many of us take some time at the close of every year in order to start the next with a new focus or goal. We at Wantagh Mazda suggest adding these New Year’s driving resolutions to your list of goals for 2015:

  1. The speed limit will be followed. We know; we started off with a tough resolution. However, speed plays an important factor in 30% of deaths caused by a motor vehicle accident. It’s worth it to take some extra time and reach your destination safely. Besides, they say patience is a virtue.
  2. There will be no texting and driving. Most people will tell you that texting and driving is dangerous; but, the fact is, many of us still pick up our phones while behind the wheel. Instead, commit to turning your phone on silent, or leaving it in the back seat, or doing whatever you have to do to keep yourself from texting before you reach your destination.
  3. The turn signals will get a workout. There is far too much miscommunication in the world already. Let’s at least be clear on the road and use our turning signals to let other drivers know what we are planning to do. Hey, they might even let you over in front of them.

For more ideas on good driving habits we should commit to begin or continue this year, take a look at this handy infographic from our friends at The News Wheel. Let’s make 2015 the Year of the Great Driver.

New Year’s driving resolutions

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