Spring Car Care

Spring Car Care

June 3, 2016 Joe Bonavita 3 Tags:

Winter has finally come and gone, leaving the wonderful, albeit rainy, spring season in its wake! There’s plenty to do now that things have finally warmed up, and taking care of your car is one of them. Dirt, grime, and salt can build up over winter and, if left untreated, could result in rust of paint damage. Don’t take a hit on your car’s trade-in value! Take these spring car care tips from us here at Wantagh Mazda!

Spring Car Care

  1. Wash and Wax – Whether you’re on your way home from work or parked in the driveway, the first thing your car needs is a good wash. By washing your car thoroughly, you eliminate most of the salt, dirt, and grime that built up over winter. A quick wax doesn’t hurt either!
  2. Tires – Now that winter’s over, this is the perfect time to take care of your tires. Check the tread depth and air pressure. If you added air to compensate for the colder weather, make sure your tires aren’t overinflated now that things have warmed up! If they are, let some air out.
  3. Inspection – Checking your car’s belts, hoses, and engine can likely be done at home, but if you want to be safe, have your local dealership perform a full inspection. They’ll make sure everything is in tip-top shape and ensure that you’re good to go until next year!

3 thoughts on “Spring Car Care

  1. During spring we have found multiple problems with our cars. Therefore, we should be prepared for different possible things that will happen with our car during spring. Not only in spring, we have also found some other kinds of problems in another season also which consists of starting problems, tire pressure problems, and many others. We should follow some important points on how to maintain our car for spring. Thanks for such a wonderful article with useful information.

  2. It is the suitable time for car owner to inspect the car and repair it. The first thing you need to do car wash as it gives a good look to the outsiders. It is the perfect time to take care of your tire by checking air pressure, thread depth. Be sure that tire’s should not be over inflated and warmed up. Check the proper condition of car’s belt, hoses, engine. Make sure that these all parts should be in tip-top shape. If you find any fault can contact to your trusted car repair center.

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