Never Fear, Your Vehicle Winterizing Tips Are Here!

vehicle winterizing tips

We know it still feels early, so don’t get angry with us for reminding you that winter is coming (as if a certain immensely popular HBO show hasn’t pounded that into your brain already). We here at Wantagh Mazda just want you to be prepared, so we’ve whipped together a couple of vehicle winterizing tips to keep you safe from swerving, stalling, and skidding on the roads this winter.

First and foremost, a solid set of snow tires is always your best bet for increasing your safety on winter roads. For virtually any car, your traction over snow and ice will be drastically improved. And while we’re talking about tires, make sure your tire pressure meets the standards stated in your owner’s manual. The fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on your pressure.

Test your fluids—refill your wiper reservoir (and get new wipers, while you’re at it) with de-icing fluid. Check to make sure your antifreeze is the proper blend of 50% water and 50% coolant.

As with tire pressure, the cold decrease the power of your car’s battery by up to 50%. If you’ve been experiencing any of the tell-tale signs of a faulty battery, like malfunctioning electronics or a coughing ignition, or if you’re just driving an older vehicle and haven’t gotten a new battery in a while, now might be the time to replace it with a new one.

That’s in for our quick list of vehicle winterizing tips, but there are always more ways to stay safe. Talk to a professional or give our service department a call for more information.

Fall Car Care Tips

Now that Labor Day has passed, it’s officially time to get ready for fall. You may have already noticed some orange leaves at the tops of some trees and the Halloween candy at the grocery store, but as you get ready to switch out your wardrobe and decorate your house, don’t forget to take care of your car, too.

fall car care

Autumn is a great time to make sure your car is ready for the harsh winter conditions. Do it now while the weather is still mild and you can thank yourself later. Follow these simple fall car care tips to make sure you’re ready.

  • Wiper blades. Your windshield wiper blades should be replaced every six months. Fall usually means more rain, so you don’t want to hinder your visibility with cracked or torn blades. Also, make sure your washer fluid reservoir is full.
  • Have your battery tested. If it is older than three years, it may need to be replaced.’
  • Make sure you have adequate tread on your tires and check for any cracks or bulges. Also check your tire pressure—as the temperatures drop, so will the pressure in your tires.
  • Get your brakes checked to make sure they are ready to handle any slick roads you may encounter.

Want to make sure you’re ready for the upcoming seasons? Schedule a service appointment today with us here at Wantagh Mazda.

How To Defrost Windows Better With Science!

How To Defrost Windows Better With Science!
How To Defrost Windows Better With Science!

There’s a science to everything. For instance, did you know the reason that your windshield fogs up is because the temperature and moisture of the inside of your car is different than the outside world? This science can give us a better idea of how to defrost windows in the car.

This means different things during different times of the year. Right now, it’s January. Winter air is cold and dry. The inside of your car is warm and moist (moist due to your breath and body heat, not the mention the car’s heater).

A lot of people don’t know that if you need to quickly equalize the inside and outside, you can always do that by rolling the windows down. Not very comfortable, but you have to do what you have to do in an emergency.

Of course, the far more comfortable method is to use your car’s heater to blow warm air across your windshield and evaporate the moisture.

You can also use the annoyance of foggy windshields as motivation to clean the windows in your car. Clean windshields are more resistant to fogging.

Keep an eye out for more tips from Wantagh Mazda, your local Mazda dealership!