Wantagh Mazda Wins DealerRater Customer Service Awards

Wantagh Mazda Wins 2015 DealerRater Mazda Dealer of the Year in New YorkWe are proud to announce that Wantagh Mazda has been named the 2015 Mazda Dealer of the Year in all of New York by DealerRater.

Every year, DealerRater, the car dealer review site for consumers, examines customer feedback submitted to its website (www.dealerrater.com) to determine which dealerships for which vehicle manufacturers are the absolute best in their respective states. With 538 lifetime reviews, and an impressive 100% overall recommendation rating, Wantagh Mazda earns the title for New York for the second time since 2013.

“We are extremely excited to reclaim the title of Mazda Dealer of the Year for New York,” says Vin Vergara, General Manager, Wantagh Mazda. “Earning this award tells us that we are achieving our foremost goal: serving the Long Island communities with high-quality, knowledgeable and friendly customer service along with great products.”

Wantagh Mazda Wins Inaugural DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award
Award recognizes top auto dealers in United States that demonstrate excellent customer service

We have also been awarded a 2015 DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award, another recognition auto dealerships can earn by delivering outstanding customer service as rated by online consumer reviews. DealerRater created the Consumer Satisfaction Awards to enable online car shoppers to instantly spot car dealerships that provide high-quality customer service.

Consumer Satisfaction Awards will be given annually to the top 10 percent of U.S. new-car dealers based on their PowerScore, as well as all U.S. used-car and Canadian (new and used) car dealerships that meet DealerRater’s Dealer of the Year criteria—receiving at least 25 annual reviews and maintaining an average PowerScore rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

For over 40 years Wantagh Mazda has been serving Long Island as a family-owned dealership showcasing a “no-pressure” sales philosophy and a “Fun, No-hassle buying experience” for all their customers. Putting family first, Wantagh Mazda continues to be closed on Sundays and major holidays allowing their employees to spend the time with their families. This commitment to family values and integrity has kept them as a top-volume, highly rated dealer over the years as many other dealers have come and go.

“We’d like to congratulate Wantagh Mazda and all of our Consumer Satisfaction Award winners,” said DealerRater CEO Gary Tucker. “DealerRater is where car shoppers learn from their peers regarding which dealers offer top-notch customer service, and now they can quickly identify Wantagh Mazda as one of the best on Long Island and in New York.”

How To Defrost Windows Better With Science!

How To Defrost Windows Better With Science!
How To Defrost Windows Better With Science!

There’s a science to everything. For instance, did you know the reason that your windshield fogs up is because the temperature and moisture of the inside of your car is different than the outside world? This science can give us a better idea of how to defrost windows in the car.

This means different things during different times of the year. Right now, it’s January. Winter air is cold and dry. The inside of your car is warm and moist (moist due to your breath and body heat, not the mention the car’s heater).

A lot of people don’t know that if you need to quickly equalize the inside and outside, you can always do that by rolling the windows down. Not very comfortable, but you have to do what you have to do in an emergency.

Of course, the far more comfortable method is to use your car’s heater to blow warm air across your windshield and evaporate the moisture.

You can also use the annoyance of foggy windshields as motivation to clean the windows in your car. Clean windshields are more resistant to fogging.

Keep an eye out for more tips from Wantagh Mazda, your local Mazda dealership!

National Pet Travel Safety Day: Driving with Pets Can be Fun and Safe

Whether you celebrated or not, January 2nd marked National Pet Travel Safety Day. Dog, cat, or any other pet, it’s important to keep them safe. Here at Wantagh Mazda we recognize the importance of eliminating the dangers of travelling with unsecure animals.

National Pet Travel Safety Day

According to PetTravelSafetyDay.com, the national event was created by pet & family lifestyle expert and animal advocate Colleen Paige to help drivers and pet owners make driving a fun and safe experience. Dogs often travel with owners, but if left unsecure can do damage to themselves, the car, and the owner if nervous. There is also a large risk of fatality if a high-speed accident occurs.

“As a former paramedic in busy Southern California, I responded to many an accident caused by driver distraction due to pets in the vehicle,” says Paige. “It’s very sad when a dog or cat never even makes it home to their new life because they didn’t survive the accident…[sometimes] all of the tragedy could have been prevented with a single dog harness.”

Some of the best things you can do are always carry water and treats, avoid bringing children along, and turn the radio down. It’s always important to make sure your pet is properly secured with a harness or seat protector as well.

Best States for Teen Driving

It’s not a surprise to hear that automobile accidents are a leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Administration has studied the phenomena and found that immaturity and inexperience are the primary factors that lead to teen car accidents. No surprise there either. But unfortunately, there’s no magic solution to this. No easy route to protect your kids. The only real solution is time and gaining more experience. However, another recent study found that some states are safer than others for teen driving.

There is good news for those of us here on Long Island and in Wantagh! The new study by wallethub.com found that our own state of New York is the safest state for teen driving; Hawaii is a close second. Who came in last? It might surprise you – South Dakota.

Wallethub’s study measures 16 key metrics to rank the states for safety. They consider the number of teen drivers in each state, the average cost of car repairs, impaired-driving laws, and teen driver fatalities, among others. Each state is ranked in three categories: safety conditions, economic environment and driving laws, and then compared as a whole.

No matter which state you’re in, summer is notoriously the most dangerous season for teen drivers. Many teens are getting their new license, and are out of school with fewer responsibilities. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the monthly average last year for teen deaths on roadways was 235. This year, deaths have spiked to 276 in June and 290 in July.

While there’s no easy fix to keep your kids safe behind the wheel, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference. Statistics have shown that parents who are active in their kids’ driving education are more likely to raise safe drivers. Other factors include staying aware of where your kids are and what they’re doing. It is even suggested that making your kids wait to get their licenses could help.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable car for your teen, stop by Wantagh Mazda today!

Enter Our Father’s Day Photo Contest!

Father's Day Photo Contest

Sunday, June 15 is Father’s Day, and Wantagh Mazda is celebrating by giving you the opportunity to win free detailing service by simply uploading a photo of you and the most important man in your life!

Entry is quite easy: just visit and like our Wantagh Mazda Facebook page and click on the Father’s Day Photo Contest tab. Upload a photo of you and your dad doing whatever it is you guys like to do! Whether it’s playing catch in the front yard, working on the Mazda3 in the garage, or grilling steaks on the deck. Be sure to title your photo and give us a brief description of what’s going on in the photo, and tell us what your father means to you. After you submit your photo, share with all your friends because….

The submitted photo that receives the most votes will receive a complete detailing package from Wantagh Mazda.   That gets you a wash & wax, tire and wheel cleaning, tire dressing, full interior cleaning, plus interior and exterior window cleaning.

Let the world know why your dad is such a great guy by entering our Father’s Day Photo Contest! Contest ends Monday, June 16. No purchase necessary to win.

Preparing your Car for a Summer Road Trip

summer road trips

June is just around the corner and that means summer! Do you taking any summer vacations this year? What about just a weekend road trip?  We hope so!  You deserve a break – if only just for a few days!

If you are planning to take off in your car somewhere, we have some tips to help you prepare your car.  We want to make sure you don’t run into any bumps or hiccups along the road during your summer travels!

  1. Get a tune up. Schedule an appointment with our great service department here at Wantagh Mazda .  James, Gary and their staff will make sure your car is ready to hit the road. We can change your oil and check your battery, tire, fluids, brakes, and anything else you might need.  We’re even offering a special on all these things too – check it out HERE!
  2. Pack lightly. Clean out your car and remove any unnecessary items. Check the load limit on your car so you don’t overload it.  Note: this limit does include passengers.  Besides heeding this limit for safety, any extra weight will only decrease your fuel efficiency.
  3. Bring a GPS. Most people have smartphones now that have a GPS program incorporated into the phone. If you have a standalone unit, consider bringing that along, too.
  4. Be prepared. Pack an emergency kit in your trunk. This includes basic first aid supplies along with at least a flashlight, blanket, water, and snacks, etc
  5. Drive safely. Don’t drive when you’re feeling sleepy. Take a break or switch with another driver.
  6. Have fun. You’re on vacation, enjoy it!

So we want to know!  Where are the roads taking you this summer?

Welcome to the New Wantagh Mazda Blog!

Welcome to the Wantagh Mazda Blog
Welcome to the Wantagh Mazda Blog

We would like to send a warm thank you for visiting the Wantagh Mazda blog. We are working diligently to bring you the most up-to-date and useful information regarding Mazda cars and SUVs, as well as driving and safety tips, current Long Island events, and finally anything revolving around our dealership.

If this is your first time to the Wantagh Mazda blog, we invite you to look around, read our posts and leave a comment. For those of you returning, welcome back! We hope you enjoy what you see and read. We want to remind you to visit often to find new information about special offers and relevant Mazda news.

From all of us at Wantagh Mazda, welcome to the new Wantagh Mazda blog!