Wantagh Mazda Awarded 2015 Edmunds Five Star Dealer Award

For our blog this week, we would like to thank YOU, our readers and customers, who helped make Wantagh Mazda a 2015 Edmunds Five Star Dealer Award Winner for the second year in a row.

2015 Edmunds Five Star Dealer Award






According to Edmunds.com, “the Edmunds Five Star Dealer awards are presented to dealerships who have been recognized by consumers for providing a stellar car shopping experience. Each 2015 winner has earned a minimum of twenty reviews averaging five stars on Edmunds in the past two years.”

Here at Wantagh Mazda, our philosophy is honesty, integrity, and value; that is the Wantagh difference! Our knowledgeable staff strives to give our customers a friendly and helpful experience while they browse, research, and test-drive our top-of-the line Mazda vehicles, which includes the Mazda3, Mazda6, and Mazda CX-5.

So we would like to take this occasion to express our gratitude to you! It has been a pleasure to serve the Wantagh, NY and Long Island area for the past 40 years. And remember, if you are looking to lease, trade, or purchase a new vehicle, come visit us at Wantagh Mazda where we will provide a no pressure, straightforward, and pleasant car-buying experience!

The Latest 2016 MX-5 Performance Upgrades: Microsoft Develops Virtual Model

If you’re looking to get a sneak peek of the new 2016 MX-5, a downloadable version just became available. You heard right. Mazda recently partnered with Microsoft to develop a virtual version of the new Miata, available on Forza Horizon 2, an Xbox One game. This rare opportunity allows enthusiasts to preview the new model, months before it’s even hit the market.

The Latest 2016 MX-5 Performance Upgrades: Microsoft Develops Virtual Model

According to Mazda, the Microsoft version is incredibly accurate, including some never-before-seen specifications. The 2016 MX-5 performance is set to get some upgrades, including Skyactiv technology and a 150 lb. weight reduction. This information only just became available, thanks to the Forza version of the new sports car.

“Through history, there have been very few purer sports cars than the Mazda MX-5 Miata, and this fourth generation car is no exception,” said Russell Wager, vice president of marketing for Mazda. “In the past, Miata was always a product of the analogue world, but this new 2016 model is the most sophisticated and digital yet.

Although the new MX-5 won’t be on the market until sometime later this year, this debut gives enthusiasts a rare opportunity to experience the model. As the world’s most popular two-seat roadster, according to Guinness World Records, the latest Miata is bound to be a hit.

All-New Mazda MX-5 Production Finally Begins in Japan

Production of the all-new Mazda MX-5 has finally begun at the company’s Ujina Plant No.1 in Hiroshima. The MX-5 is the brand’s most famous model and possibly one of the most iconic roadsters of all time. Thanks to its vehicle engineering philosophy, “the pursuit of driving pleasure,” more than 950,000 MX-5s have been produced by the end of January 2015, making it the world’s best-selling two-seater sports car according to Guinness.

All-New Mazda MX-5 Production Finally Begins in Japan
All-New Mazda MX-5 Production Finally Begins in Japan

The car will first be sold in Japan start this June, where it is known as the Mazda Roaster. It’ll later be progressively rolled out to overseas markets, so we’re hoping to be able to offer it to you at Wantagh Mazda by the end of the year.

With the company’s latest features such as SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and KODO—Soul of Motion design, the fourth-generation MX-5 promises to be the most sensational and complete of its kind. We can’t wait for it to get here at Wantagh Mazda!

Consumer Reports Report Cards Rank Mazda Second Among All Automotive Brands

Though reliability tests are often a good measure of how reliable a car actually is, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, cars that are reliable in real-life score poorly on tests, and conversely, sometimes unreliable cars score well on the tests. That’s why Consumer Reports came up with their brand Report Cards.

The Consumer Reports Report Cards offer a composite of an automaker’s average road-test score, including factors like overall fuel-efficiency, refinement, driving and handling dynamics, among others. These scores provide an overall view of an automaker’s reliability and predicted performance.

This year, Mazda scored as second-best among all auto brands, coming in second only behind Lexus. Every single Mazda model was graded above average for reliability, with the Mazda3, Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5 boasting particularly high scores.

“SKYACTIV Technology sets Mazda apart, with strong, lightweight and efficient engineering that instills excellent fuel economy and standout handling in every one of our new-generation vehicles,” said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO, MNAO in a statement. “Our innovation prowess allows us to keep pushing boundaries with our dramatic KODO—Soul of Motion designs and first-class technology and features, and we’re proud to be recognized for our efforts.”

This accomplishment is especially impressive for Mazda, since more than half of its lineup is brand new or went through redesigns in the last three years.

To learn more about Mazda’s exciting and reliable lineup, stop by Wantagh Mazda today!

A Mazda RX-7 Revival Could Possibly Be Here as Soon as 2020

After a long history of rumors dating back to 2009 about a possible Mazda RX-7 revival, it seems like the answer could finally be revealed within a few years. A new Mazda RX-7 is once again a hot topic and could be seen as soon as 2020. After all, it would be the year marking Mazda’s 100th anniversary.

To review some of the RX-7s past rumors, speculation first broke in 2009 about a new RX-7 debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show. Later that year, it was breaking news that theRX-8 would be discontinued in order to make room for a new RX-7. The next year Mazda was working on a few new engine options for the RX-7 that would be able to run on gasoline or diesel. Finally, in 2013 Mazda’s CEO came forth to say no such thing was happening, and said it again just a few months ago.

So where does that leave us? According to Mazda’s vice president of European R&D, 30 engineers are currently working on the rotary engine mentioned above. Now, if the engine is truly created, the vehicle model would come back as the RX-6, RX-7, or RX-9. Since we won’t be seeing the new model until 2020, or later, we will keep our hopes for a Mazda RX-7 revival at bay.

In any case, we are excited to see what Mazda has planned for the next few years and still secretly hoping to see a new RX-7. In the mean time, stay tuned to Wantagh Mazda for the latest news and updates!