New Kai Concept Debuts Mazda Single Motion Design

With the debut of the Mazda Kai, a sporty hatchback first introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show last October and then at the New York Auto Show this March, Mazda is rolling out an all-new design direction after its extremely successful use of the Kodo Soul of Motion design language.

When Ikuo Maeda, the current head of design at Mazda, took over the position in 2009, he dedicated himself to creating unique design language that quickly created incredible brand recognition worldwide and bolstered Mazda’s reputation for premium-quality vehicles.

Now, nearly a decade later, the design genius, nicknamed “Speedy” for his fast driving, is introducing the new “Speed of Light” Single Motion design language to emphasize the sporty, aerodynamic fluidity of Mazda vehicles.

Mazda Single Motion diverges from the Soul of Motion’s recognizable “Double Motion” design, removing sharp edges in favor of smooth, fluid surfaces. This artistically-driven reshaping will allow the Kai, as well as future Mazda vehicles incorporating this design language, to highlight the way light and shadow reflect on the vehicle.

The Kai concept doesn’t have an official release date yet, but we can be sure that Mazda plans to roll out the Single Motion design language in its other vehicles over the next several years. Mazda has always been at the forefront of innovative engineering and design, exemplified by Kodo Soul of Motion and its SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY, and Single Motion’s sleek, futuristic style is years ahead of Mazda’s industry counterparts. Here at Wantagh Mazda, we can’t wait to see what the brand introduces next.

Mazda Drive for Good Campaign

The Mazda Drive for Good campaign is a yearly charitable event organized by Mazda that lets you be an active participant in giving back to your community. By simply taking a Mazda vehicle out for a test drive at a Mazda dealership this winter, you earn an hour of community service from the Mazda team for a cause in your community.


Plus, if you buy a Mazda during the Drive for Good event, Mazda will donate $150 to the charity of your choice. The Mazda Drive for Good campaign will enjoy its fifth consecutive year this winter, and over the last four years, it has led to over 260,000 hours of community service and raised more than $15 million.


Some of the most popular charities you can donate to through Mazda are St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Heart Association, and the Mazda Foundation, but the full list has over 40 charities, largely focused on medical research and helping children.


Mazda Drive for Good’s partnership with NBCUniversal, which has been in effect since 2014, has let the foundation reach many more communities, even if they don’t have a large volunteer force or a nearby Mazda dealership.


At Wantagh Mazda, we’re proud to be part of an organization that is so dedicated to giving back. Give us a call to find out more about the Mazda Drive for Good campaign and our participation in it!


Price and Pre-Order Info for Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition Revealed

We have been waiting on the release of the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF  Launch Edition for months, and now, Mazda has finally revealed many of its details, including its price.

The MX-5 Miata RF is a lot like the standard Miata roadster, except its fastback top can retract surprisingly quickly, compared to the regular Miata’s manual cloth softtop. Want to put the top down while you are driving? No problem!

Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition

The model is also surprisingly affordable, with a starting price of just $34,785. Plus, for a $500 refundable deposit, Mazda is accepting pre-orders right now. You will have to act fast, as Mazda is only securing 1,000 pre-ordered models.

Plans for the vehicle’s actual delivery are slated for February 2017, so drivers can start off their spring season in style with their brand new MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition. How better to enjoy the warm weather than with the retractable fastback?

If you want to learn more about the upcoming Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition, or if you want to check out a few of the many available Mazda models we have available in the meantime, contact us or visit us anytime at Wantagh Mazda.

A Mazda RX-7 Revival Could Possibly Be Here as Soon as 2020

After a long history of rumors dating back to 2009 about a possible Mazda RX-7 revival, it seems like the answer could finally be revealed within a few years. A new Mazda RX-7 is once again a hot topic and could be seen as soon as 2020. After all, it would be the year marking Mazda’s 100th anniversary.

To review some of the RX-7s past rumors, speculation first broke in 2009 about a new RX-7 debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show. Later that year, it was breaking news that theRX-8 would be discontinued in order to make room for a new RX-7. The next year Mazda was working on a few new engine options for the RX-7 that would be able to run on gasoline or diesel. Finally, in 2013 Mazda’s CEO came forth to say no such thing was happening, and said it again just a few months ago.

So where does that leave us? According to Mazda’s vice president of European R&D, 30 engineers are currently working on the rotary engine mentioned above. Now, if the engine is truly created, the vehicle model would come back as the RX-6, RX-7, or RX-9. Since we won’t be seeing the new model until 2020, or later, we will keep our hopes for a Mazda RX-7 revival at bay.

In any case, we are excited to see what Mazda has planned for the next few years and still secretly hoping to see a new RX-7. In the mean time, stay tuned to Wantagh Mazda for the latest news and updates!

Making Your New Year’s Driving Resolutions

Did you start the New Year with a blank sheet of paper and pencil in hand? Many of us take some time at the close of every year in order to start the next with a new focus or goal. We at Wantagh Mazda suggest adding these New Year’s driving resolutions to your list of goals for 2015:

  1. The speed limit will be followed. We know; we started off with a tough resolution. However, speed plays an important factor in 30% of deaths caused by a motor vehicle accident. It’s worth it to take some extra time and reach your destination safely. Besides, they say patience is a virtue.
  2. There will be no texting and driving. Most people will tell you that texting and driving is dangerous; but, the fact is, many of us still pick up our phones while behind the wheel. Instead, commit to turning your phone on silent, or leaving it in the back seat, or doing whatever you have to do to keep yourself from texting before you reach your destination.
  3. The turn signals will get a workout. There is far too much miscommunication in the world already. Let’s at least be clear on the road and use our turning signals to let other drivers know what we are planning to do. Hey, they might even let you over in front of them.

For more ideas on good driving habits we should commit to begin or continue this year, take a look at this handy infographic from our friends at The News Wheel. Let’s make 2015 the Year of the Great Driver.

New Year’s driving resolutions

New Mazda CX-5 Interior Gets Complete Overhaul

Mazda CX-5 interior

The CX-5 is already an award winner, receiving multiple accolades for its leading design as the best SUV on the market, but in 2016 this cream-of-the-crop SUV is getting even better.

The Mazda CX-5 interior has long been its weakest feature. Mazda has listened to the complaints and taken them to heart, announcing that the interior of the CX-5 will receive a major overhaul in the 2016 model.

The concept model, unveiled at the LA Auto Show last month, displayed a much more luxurious interior and improved design. The exposed stitching on the vehicle’s supple seats was a clear indicator of the attention to detail that Mazda paid when redesigning this vehicle.

Another clear difference is that the infotainment screen has no longer been fixed in the dashboard, a clear ode to the BMW’s design, adding to the feeling of luxury.

We at Wantagh Mazda are excited about this step towards enhanced comfort and luxury that our brand is making to improve your Mazda driving experience.

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner
Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Perhaps you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house for the first time or you want to be better prepared than previous years. Whatever your reasons, you need help with planning Thanksgiving dinner. Here is a simple timeline and tips to help keep Thanksgiving delicious and as stress-free as possible.

If you haven’t already, the first thing you need to do is finalize your guest list. If your cousins are still unsure if they’re coming to your house, give them one more day to make a final decision. Once you know how many guests you will have, you can begin to plan the menu. Most families share the cooking duties, so ask your friends and relatives what they would like to bring or delegate a recipe to them.

Once you know what you’re going to cook, make sure you have all the necessary kitchen tools. Do you have a platter large enough to hold the turkey? Do you even have a roasting pan to cook the turkey in? Get everything you need a couple of weeks early (that’s now) so you’re not in a rush right before you need to cook.

You also need to write down your shopping list. Look through your cupboards and create a list of things you need. Don’t forget to plan dishes based on how many people are coming. Will you need to double or even triple a recipe? Make sure you have enough of the necessary ingredients.

As for the turkey, the highlight of many Thanksgiving dinners, plan for two pounds per adult and one pound per child. This should give you plenty of meat for dinner and leave enough leftovers to share. If you’re buying a frozen turkey, purchase this sometime the week before, just make sure you start thawing it about three days early.

Many Thanksgiving dishes can be prepped and cooked earlier and stored in the freezer, for example, rolls and pie crust. Do these as early as you can to save you time on turkey day. Bake pies the day before.

For even more Thanksgiving tips, check out this great timeline from The Food Network. Here at Wantagh Mazda, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mazda Announces New Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup

Mazda Announces New Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup
Mazda Announces New Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup

The SEMA show went over well for Mazda, thanks in large part to its new sponsor relationship with Battery Tender. Mazda announced that their new racing series will be named the Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup Presented by BFGoodrich Tires.

The 2015 racing series will go on for six weekends, all of them being doubleheader weekends, supporting TUDOR United SportsCar Championship, Verizon IndyCar Series, and the NASCAR XFINITY. This past year saw Kenton Koch as the champion, receiving the Mazda Scholarship that allows him to go up in the Mazda SportsCar Racing Academy.

The new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata will make its racing debut during a new Global Cup racing series, which will run in three continents: North America, Europe and Asia. This new series will feature multiple races worldwide that will have identical MX-5 Miata models racing against each other. The grand prize will be a test run in Mazda’s new prototype racing car.

Wantagh Mazda will be ready and waiting for the new racing series to start. When everything kicks off, we’ll keep you posted on the new Miata series and the racing series, too. Be sure to check back for more!

New Crossover Mazda CX-3 To Debut In LA

New Crossover Mazda CX-3 Shares a Lot with Mazda2
New Crossover Mazda CX-3 Shares a Lot with Mazda2

In the auto world, there is nothing wrong with being fashionably late. That’s why Mazda waited until the last big auto show of the year, the LA Auto Show, to pull back the curtain on its first compact SUV. The new crossover Mazda CX-3 will represent the automaker in what calls “the fastest growing new vehicle segment,” the crossover segment.

Using the Mazda2 hatchback as a template, the CX-3 will share a lot of the same basic structure. According to, “that means a higher ride height, new body panels and chunkier, off-road style appendages.” It also means the CX-3 will have a SKYACTIV chassis. Under the hood, it will have a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. Mated to this powertrain will be either a 6-speed manual or automatic.

The new crossover Mazda CX-3 will include the car manufacturer’s awesome safety package, the i-ACTIVSENSE, and boast Mazda’s proprietary infotainment system, MZD Connect. The Mazda CX-3 will go on sale in 2015, and we here at Wantagh Mazda look forward to its debut!

Fun Fall Activities on Long Island for the Whole Family

Fun Fall Activities on Long Island for the Whole Family
Fun Fall Activities on Long Island for the Whole Family

The leaves are changing on Long Island and there are plenty of fun fall activities that you and your family will love! Here are Wantagh Mazda’s must-see festivities to help you welcome the new season!

Old Westbury Gardens has been spook-a-fied for Halloween with a 5,000 plus hand-carved pumpkin exhibit called “Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns”. The decorative pumpkins stretch for a quarter of a mile and showcase the talents of professional artists and sculptors. The display opens on October 16. Get ticket pricing and the complete set of dates here.

The Long Island Children’s Museum is hosting the Ghostly Gala on October 25, from 6 to 9 pm, which is the perfect time for your children to show off their costumes! There will be goody bag decorating, trick-or-treating, face painting, crafts, animals to observe, and so much more! Get tickets in advance for $9 from the museum’s website.

Head on over to The Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center for “Bats, Barnacles & Broomsticks” on November 1 in the early afternoon to celebrate the Day of the Dead. There will be trick-or-treating, a haunted house, face painting, crafts and games, hay rides, and pumpkin painting.