Parking Lot Safety Tips

Whether you’re heading to the grocery store or the mall, odds are you’re utilizing the parking lot. Once you’re off the road, it’s easy to lose focus as you scan the rows for a parking spot. Other drivers do the same and the result can cost you both time and money. Even worse, you could make it in and out of the store only to find your car broken into. Don’t be a victim! Take these parking lot safety tips from us here at Wantagh Mazda!

  • Cargo Cover – If you have a lot of bags, it’s easy to drop them off at your car before heading back into the store. However, if you leave your purchases in plain sight, they become an easy target for thieves. Pulling out the cargo cover is an easy way to conceal your purchases and reduce your risk.
  • Parking Lot SafetyBack In – Pulling into a parking space is much faster than backing in, but your view is limited when leaving. Reversing is much harder than pulling straight out of a parking spot. When you first arrive, take the time to back into a spot.
  • Park Away – The closer your vehicle is to the store, the more people that will walk by it. As a result, your odds of becoming a victim of theft increase. Parking further away may mean more walking but it could save your possessions. Make sure the area is well lit for your own safety!