How The Difference Between Winter Tires and Regular Tires Can Keep You in Control

Now that the winter weather is starting to hit the area, it’s important to consider any changes you will make to your vehicle. One huge difference you can make it is to switch our your current tires for winter tires, also known as snow tires.

The difference between winter tires and regular tires is simple: While standard, all-season tires are decently equipped to function throughout the year, winter tires are made especially for snowy, icy conditions.

Winter Tires and Regular TiresThe tread on winter tires is specially designed to create maximum friction and grip on snow and ice with more, detailed siping – making it less likely that you will lose control of your vehicle.

Winter tires are also formulated with a different kind of rubber that remains more flexible at lower temperatures, and, the particular tread patterns within the rubber make it more difficult for snow to build up.

And when the highway is coated in a slick layer of ice – additional grip, flexibility, and lack of build-up can absolutely mean the difference between a car collision and smooth sailing.

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